Saturday, June 23, 2007

Once in a Village...

ORE ORU OORILE : Once in a village

All the children of the "Kadha Club" assembled together. "Pattu grandma" what is spicy today? asked the kids.

Pattu grandma was very serious. Please ! Please why are you mum sweet grandma! Are we making a mess? asked the children.

"Childrens" No jokes! said pattu grandma with a stern voice.No more complaints from your parents about your disinterest in studies.As there is story time, youth is the time for educating, reforming, tuning your life with the morals and thicks of life.

Basically, children love pattu grandma for her tonal modulations and depth in her presentations.

Though they like to stop studies for the sale of play, they are extremely punctual in pattu's session.

Pattu grandma raised her voice. Hey kids ! Be quite. I'm going to start the stroy.

Come on! Let us all sing together.

Form a circle and clap your hands according to the rhythm of this piece.

Everybody repeat, said pattu grandma " Odhamal Orunalum Iruka Vandam"(Learn each and every day) Children were very happy.

Chintu, a 8 year old was so dull.

He is a visually challenged boy with partial sight.Pattu grandma always appreciates his interest in studies.

Pattu asked "Why Chintu? Are you having a bad tooth ache?

No Pattu grandma, chintu cried. I lost my Tamil book couple of days back.

My teacher will punish me.My mom is not having money to buy. I do not know what to do.

Pattu grandma consoled him, "Chintu pappu", I will buy for you do not cry- she patted him.

Mintu asked "where is the story" Pattu grandma started.

This is a beautiful story based on the Proverb "Odhamal Orunalum" ... said by Aouvaiyaar a famous tamil poet in ancient Tamil history.

In the village of Ar...... there was a boy called Nandu who was in junior class.

Nandu was a sweet boy who helped his mother in domestic works, looked after cows and goats so beautifully but never wanted to study.

Nandu's mother was worried as he did not go to school regularly.He joined with lazy boys and started playing cards and marbles.

Nandu's friend chandu was a good boy who helped him in studies though Nandu made fun of him as he was a visually challenged boy.

Nandu's mom liked Chandu and helped him out with his problems.

Nandu never liked Chandu as he was cleverer than him.

It was quaterly examination time.Nandu did not know anything and tried to copy from Chandu which the teacher noticed and started to punish him.

Chandu said,"Miss please listen to me.Nandu could not prepare well because he was attending to me when I was down with Viral fever.

I instigated him to copy.

"Please punish me".

Nandu was shocked and reacted immediately.

He said Teacher please forgive me, I'm ashamed of myself for not taking up studies so seriously which made me handicapped mentally! I will definitely do well in my next exams as my chandu desired.

They hugged each other.

Nandu said, Chandu I realised that nothing can be a good companion except books and a true friend which is a platform for success.

Pattu grandma ended the stroy with a touching modulations and said! "Kids" remember no harm in skipping food, sleep or comforts, Never postpone your studies for the next day.It will pollute your mind with laziness.

Grandma added "Kids" here is your sundal(pea nut) time.Delicious peanut sundal. Hey Hey all the kids were in a merry mood.They started singing songs.

Bye grandma - Take care They dispersed with eagerness for the next day's session.

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