Wednesday, February 20, 2008

7-Day Detox Diet Plan

Detox diets needn't leave you feeling famished and tired. Try this realistic one-week detox diet meal plan to cleanse your system and improve your well-being. Begin your day with half a lemon squeezed into hot water, caffeine-free tea or fruit juice, then incorporate the following nutritionally-balanced meal plans to keep you functioning at your best while you flush out the toxins from your body naturally.

Flush out toxins and rid water retention with this one-week detox menu!

Day 1
Breakfast:Sandwich, ham and lettuce on wholemeal bread, and 1 glass of soya milk.
Lunch: Fish noodle soup and 1 wedge of papaya.
Snack: 1 cup of apple chips.
Dinner:Curried mixed vegetables, stir-fried garlic wholegrain rice and 1 kiwi fruit.

Day 2
Breakfast: Tuna spread on rye toast and 1 glass of carrot juice.
Lunch: Chicken porridge and half a mango.
Snack: 100g bar dark chocolate.
Dinner:Baked salmon, fresh vegetable salad with low-fat mayonnaise and corn soup.

Day 3
Breakfast: Oats and muesli with low-fat yogurt and strawberries.
Lunch: Skinless chicken, celery, 1 bowl of steamed rice.
Snack: Handful of dried cranberries.
Dinner: Spaghetti with meat sauce and boiled broccoli.

Day 4
Breakfast: Home-made smoothie, blended using soya milk and banana.
Lunch: Egg salad sandwich on wholemeal bread and 1 wedge of pineapple.
Snack: 3 pieces of plain digestive biscuits.
Dinner:Grilledchicken,beanandpasta salad and 1 glass of orange juice.

Day 5
Breakfast: Low-fat peanut butter on oat crackers and half a grapefruit.
Lunch: Stir-fried prawn noodles and 1 slice of watermelon.
Snack: 1 cup of low-fat frozen yogurt.
Dinner: Turkey, sliced tomatoes and lettuce on wholegrain bread.

Day 6
Breakfast:Omelette with bacon bits and diced spring onion, and 1 glass of tomato juice.
Lunch: Stir-fried fish in sweet and sour sauce, 1 bowl of steamed rice.
Snack: Handful of unsalted almonds.
Dinner: Tuna and buckwheat pasta, 1 bowl of miso soup and 1 kiwi fruit.

Day 7
Breakfast: Wholemeal toast and 1 cup of low-fat yogurt.
Lunch:Chickenfingersandfreshfruitsalad sprinkled with finely
chopped nuts.
Snack: 4 pieces of wholemeal crackers.
Dinner: Seafood pasta and 1 apple.

I'm a vegetarian so I cannot try this so you please try this and leave your comment if it worked for you if you are a non-vegetarian.


Ashraf said...

Can you send please send me the diet plan for vegetarians which helps in detox?
Drug Detox

Saravanan said...

Hi Ashraf,

Received a mail about diet plan for vegetarians. Will search and publish it later. Pls stay tuned...