Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One Day Visit to Louvre Museum

I wanted to share this long time back but now only I could write about this.

If you are a lover of Paintings & Sculpture, this is the place where you must be in Paris. They have collections all around the world collected from King Louis XIV period. Here is the History of Louvre museum.

Here are the lists of items you can expect to see inside this museum.

Full of Paintings & Drawings are kept in the II Floor - Each and every piece of painting is unique out here, I'm sure you will be lost to the huge collections from French, German, Flemish, Dutch, Belgian & Russian Paintings & Drawings.

Objects beyond centuries & Antiquities collections from Egypt & Greek region are kept in the I Floor. I as really amazed by the Egyptian collections. It really did make me feel that I was in Egypt with the varieties that they had. You can also witness Large French, Italian & Spanish paintings here. World famous Monalisa master piece is also kept as centre of attraction in this floor. I also remembered witnessing objects from palace interiors like Ornaments, Crown, Royal bed, carpet & furniture’s.

Sculptures of different era can be seen at the Ground Floor & Lower Ground Floor. Also there were Antiquities collections from Greek, Etruscan & Egypt were kept in display. I was once again astonished by the Code of Hammurabi during King Babylon period and various forms of writings collections available on the collected pieces of stones. Those writings made me feel like living many stone years back. There were also medieval Louvre, remains of the moat of the Louvre of Philippe-Auguste and Charles V, 12th to 14th century was available to access and get the feel of those days. When you get to this area be sure that you don’t get lost your way just like how I was lost.

By the time I finished making round almost the day was coming to an end. If you plan to visit here make sure that you are having good stamina for walking around the whole day. Another good piece of information is that entry to this museum is free on first Sunday of every month and its up to you to make your queuing arrangements. Though it was crowded the management was having many entrance to cut down the long queuing.

After visiting this museum I didn’t really find Musee D’orsay that interesting to me. This was the biggest museum I have ever visited in my life. Enjoy your visiting too…
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