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Water Cure

I have posted many other articles related to H2O. This is another addition to it. There are some Q & A underneath this cure listing. Read, Follow & Get Benefited.

1. Reduces high blood pressure to some extent

Those who suffer from blood pressure may not find it completely cured. The salt accumulated on the walls of the intestines obstructs the expansion and contraction of the intestines. With more salt and less intake of water blood becomes thick. If this thick blood is to be pumped through hardened nerves heart has to undergo pressure. In result blood pressure goes up. If 5-6 liters of water is taken salt deposits are flushed out, blood vessels become soft and blood pressure comes down. It cannot be cured without medication in all the people. It depends on the percentage of salt in the food. When more water is taken many people are able to bring down the blood pressure from 140/90 to 120/80. Those who are not able to maintain blood pressure are able to control it with more intake of water. Anyway, do not stop medicines immediately after taking more water. Medicines are to be reduced under medical supervision. Water can prevent people from falling prey to blood pressure. If 5-6 liters of water is taken blood pressure can be kept under control. Those who have moderate blood pressure can be cured completely.

2. Low blood pressure can be eliminated

Drinking 5-6 liters of water will cure reeling sensation and blood pressure. Water is the only medicine for low blood pressure. Those who take less water suffer from low blood pressure. If we consume more salt and take less water we can never overcome the problem of low blood pressure. Less water intake decreases the pressure of water in the blood. If the pressure of blood is low heart cannot pump blood properly. When the brain does not receive blood properly we suffer from reeling sensation and swoon. Low blood pressure can surely be cured with drinking 5-6 liters of water and head bath with cold water everyday. Whenever there is reeling sensation and weakness coconut water will be helpful.

3. Relief from headache

60 per cent of people who come to us are able to be free from headache just by taking more water. Others are not that lucky unless they follow food regimen and other restrictions too. Maladies in stomach and excretion system cause headache. If more water is drunk and head bath with cold water is taken headache disappears within 10-15 days. As we take more water and desist from taking water while eating stomach feels light. With this many people are free from headache. There are 10-12 reasons for headache: Anemia, thickening of blood, consumption of less water, contraction of blood vessels and rupture of blood vessels in the brain, oozing of bad chemicals because of tensions etc. Water brings about changes in all aspects.

4. Relief from constipation

When less water is taken fasces are hardened and stick to intestines. It cannot move from intestines leading to constipation. Even if good food is taken and intake of water is less bowel movement will not be free. Only water helps the fasces become soft and move without sticking to the intestines. 90 in 100 are able to have free bowel movement and are free from constipation when they take 5-6 liters of water. The intake of water helps cure constipation. Taking lot of water, concentrating on intestines and entering toilet when the urge is powerful is helping many people.

5. Good sleep There are many reasons for not being able to sleep properly. If constipation, stomach disorders, insufficient blood circulation to head, tension and blood pressure are reasons for sleeplessness taking more water helps. Many can sleep well if they have free bowel movement.

6. Appetite increases

Those who do not have free bowel movement have less appetite. They eat something or the other and get along. In result appetite further diminishes. Unless you clean the fasces there is no use of medicine. If water is taken in the above said manner constipation disappears completely and appetite increases. Digestive juices are produced in less quantity due to insufficient availability of water. If those juices are less appetite decreases. With the intake of 5-6 liters of water digestive juices are produced in good quantity, bowel movement is free and appetite becomes good.

7. Burning sensation in stomach decreases

With more intake of water people are able to get relief from burning sensation in the stomach within two or three days. Some say they find relief the same day. Acids ooze out in the stomach and cause burning sensation. Water influences these acids and works as an antidote. If water is taken after two hours of taking food there won’t be any burning sensation. The water we take along food dilutes the acids that are produced. The water we take thrice in a day stops the influence of acids on the intestines. It is better to take warm water to keep away from acidity. If the burning sensation is to be relieved immediately it is better to take 5-6 liters of warm water.

8. Gas trouble

Gas is produced more in those whose digestive system is weak and those who suffer from constipation. Harmful bacteria are generated from the stored fasces, which release a variety of gases. This gas cannot go downwards because of constipation. The undigested food in the stomach also produces certain gases. These gases make the stomach heavy. By taking more water constipation disappears. Food is digested properly if as we do not take water while eating. Because of these two changes gas trouble subsides.

9. Some relief from ulcers

Very few people are relieved from ulcers just by taking more water. They are cured completely if they follow food regimen also. There are several reasons for ulcers. Untimely eating, having more tea, diminution of mucus in the intestines, generation of acids in excess and harmful bacteria are the causes for ulcers. Taking 5-6 liters of warm water is better in these conditions. The burning sensation due to ulcers is reduced to a large extent with intake of more water. If the method of taking water is perfect there is no suffering. Intake of more water leads to increase in mucus in the intestines and gives relief.

10. Weight reduction through intake of water

Those who are obese have more water content in their body. More water is stored in their body unusually. Those who put on weight take less water. They think that more intake of water makes them further obese and reduce intake of water. Less intake of water leads to storage of water inside the body, which leads to overweight. Those who are overweight by 20 kilos are able to reduce their weight by 5-6 kilos in 20 days when they take 6-7 liters of water. Without any change in food they are able to reduce weight in the first month. If they change their food habits they can reduce their weight further, at least they can maintain the same weight. With the intake of more water the process of food becoming fat is not that active. There are people who reduce weight just by intake of water.

11. Contraction of tummy

Man has lower and upper abdomen. If there is no proper ablation lower abdomen grows. If we drink water while eating well upper abdomen rows. When we take more water ablation is free and the lower abdomen comes down. If water is not taken till after two hours of eating food upper abdomen decreases. The water taken on empty stomach brings down the tummy.

12. Cold can be cured

Some suffer with every change in food and water and some others frequently once in a month or two. Those who suffer from high histamine and eat unsuitable food get this ailment. When waste material and toxins increase in the body they are purged out in the form of cold. It can be said that those who take less water suffer from cold. Water is anti-histamine. It means water works as antidote to histamine produced in the body. Moreover, with more intake of water waste material and toxins are purged out everyday and cold is cured and it stops from recurring. When suffering from cold 6-7 liters of warm water gives quick relief. Remedy for cold is water.

13. Edema can be cured

If any body suffers from edema it means there is more salt and less water in his body. More salt is deposited in the body in those who take less water. Salt is not deposited in isolation. It stores water also. This leads to edema. As we suffer from edema we reduce consumption of water and the trouble shoots up. If the stored water from the body has to come out we have to take more water. The water we take goes into the body and comes out in the form of urine along with the stored salt. With this edema will disappear to a large extent. Only few people can get rid of edema with intake of just water. Those who have limited problem get complete relief. Those who have lot of swelling cannot be cured completely just with water. 50-60 per cent can be cured. If they stop taking salt edema disappears within 5-6 days.Taking more water is important.14 Sneezes Sneezes occur to throw out cold from face and nostrils. As the cold obstructs air sneezing appears. If we do not want to sneeze we should stop cold. For this we should take more water. Those who take less water sneeze frequently. It is better to take warm water throughout the day to stop sneezing. At least it is to be taken in the morning. For some people this problem goes with water and some others should stop taking salt completely. Some others are not relieved of this unless they do Pranayamaand some jogging. However, warm water helps to a large extent.

15. Allergies

Allergies are of several kinds - food allergy, dust allergy, skin allergy etc. Allergies are not cured with medicines. It is said the allergic items are to be avoided completely. Those who give the body natural foods such as fruits,vegetables and nuts are allergic to unnatural foods like cool drinks, ice creams, sweets, pickles etc. Allergies occur when natural foods are given to unnatural body. Being allergic is common these days even to snow, sun, rain, coconut, honey, citrus fruit, water, flowers and vegetables. It means our body, which has turned unnatural, is not accepting natural things. It is throwing them out considering that there is no place for them. Actually we should be allergic to pickles, cakes, sweets, cool drinks, fried vegetables and non-vegetarian food. There is nobody who visits a doctor with such allergies. Unless we clear he body of unnatural stuff, allergy to dust, food and skin cannot be overcome. It is water that cleans it. If the body is cleaned outside with water allergies won’t go. Many people are cured of allergies just with drinking water. Some others get relief when there is change of food along with taking more water. 5-6 liters of water is veryuseful

16. Scars disappear

I have got some scars on the face and the skin. I feel that I will look better without them. Skin cannot be cured easily. As the skin is at the end of the body blood pumped through heart reaches skin late. The waste material, which is to be thrown out, reaches the skin. Through perspiration the skin sends out the waste. Otherwise part of the waste materials remains in the skin or goes back into the body. Those who take less water do not perspire properly and waste material gets deposited in the skin resulting in skin disease and scars. When more water is taken blood gets diluted and more blood flows to skin. Those who take more water but not sweat much discharge waste material through urine. Skin is cured with water. Complexion improves by drinking more water. Scars may disappear.Blackness under the eyes also diminishes for some.

17. Stones in the kidney

Some of the stones in the kidney can be thrown out just by taking more water. Some others go out through urine. However, all types of stones do not go out with water. It depends on the type of stones and the area in which part of body they are formed. If some people suffer from stones even after consumption of lot of water they have to either take medicines or go for surgery. Those who take less water suffer from formation of stones in the kidney and bladder, as the calcium and oxalate are not purged out but turn into stones. If such stones melt by taking more water it means they would not have formed if sufficient water were to be taken. It could have been avoided. If stones in the kidneys are to melt down it is better to take 7, 8 liters of water for some time.

18. Burning sensation of urine

Urine is produced less in those who take less water. It leads to deposit of waste material such as urea and uric acid instead of being purged out. Because of less production of urine it becomes thick. As it goes out in little quantity burning sensation occurs. Thinking that there is lot of heat in the body, people take water mixed with sugar or buttermilk, but not water. As the urinary organ in women is a short one, bacteria easily enters into the bladder through reproductive organs causing infections. Added to that if they take less water bacteria are allowed to grow causing burning sensation in the urine. They may suffer from fever also. In such condition if they take more water the urinary tract gets cleared and giving relief from burning sensation. Urine should always be clear and have good flow without anysmell. Then, there will be no scope for infections.

19. Body odor

If one’s body is emitting bad smell it means waste material is deposited there because sufficient water is not available to purge them out. Even if the excretion system is all right, urine and sweat smell bad as needed water is not there to help move it out. If 5, 6 liters of water is taken everyday these bad smells decrease to a large extent in a couple of months.

20. Asthma

Generally those who suffer from asthma get sneezes and suffer from cold. They feel that taking more water would enhance those problems and tend to take less water. With this more histamines are produced which leads to breathlessness. If we are used to take more water allergies do not lead to asthma. If people suffering from asthma, take 5, 6 liters of warm water breathing becomes easy, phlegm gets diluted and is thrown out. This results in easy breathing. There may be some people who get complete relief with taking more water and lot of people get 50 – 60 per cent relief. If salt consumption is given up uneasiness is cured completely.

21. Joint Pains

People suffer from joint pains as the lubricating liquid goes down between the joints. Those who take less water that lubricant is produced less. If more water is taken, the percentage of lubricant increases. Moreover blood circulation also improves with intake of more water. Generally obese people suffer from joint pains. By taking more water joint pains also come down while body weight comes down. In the early stages of joint pains consumption of more water gives relief to a large extent. It may not be that useful to the people who suffer from joint pains for a long time.

22. Sinusitis

Those who suffer from cold for a long time are affected by sinusitis. With this nostrils are blocked and suffer from headache. By taking more water waste material along with mucus deposited in the nostrils is also thrown out. Taking warm water and fomentation of face helps those who suffer from sinusitis.

Questions – Answers

You say that one should not drink water while eating. But medicines are to be taken only after eating. How can we take them without water?

Taking water along with food hampers digestion. That is why it is not advisable. But those who have to take medicines can do so with small quantity of water. It does not hamper digestion. Medicines can be taken with buttermilk also.

Don’t we develop potbelly if we drink 5-6 liters of water?

When we take a liter of water it first goes into the stomach. Some of it (20- 25%) goes into small intestines. The water in the stomach and small intestines reaches blood in 15-20 minutes. The intestines and stomach retain water only for 15-20 minutes. However, water mixes with blood quickly only when we drink water on empty stomach. If we take water along with food it remains in the stomach as long as food is there and the stomach sags. Remember that the water taken on empty stomach helps contraction of stomach and the water drunk with food makes it sag. 5-6 liters of water is advised only on empty stomach. No need to worry about protruding belly.

If usual 5,6 liters could not be taken on a particular day, shall we take extra water the next day to compensate it?

Yes, it is better. The water taken in the morning helps clean the cells and blood. If sufficient water is not taken on any day more water may be taken the next day and clean the system. If water is not taken in the morning due to unavoidable circumstances there is no harm. There may not be any disorder in the body but on other occasions when water is not sufficient problems may arise. It cannot be set right the next day. We may encounter problems like reeling sensation, dryness of mouth, burning in the eyes, urine in yellow color or less urination and weakness writ on the face may be evident on the same day. When the climate is pleasant such problems may not crop up. However, when it is hot we should take ample of water during the day.

What amount of water can be given to children?

Children usually like to take more water and less food. However, mothers think that children’s appetite is killed if they take more water and discourage them from drinking more water while forcing them to consume more food. It is prudent to encourage children to drink more water.

1. Children below one year – 300 ml to 500 ml.

2. Children between 1 to 5 years – 1 liter to 1.5 liters.

3. Children between 5 to 10 years – 2 liters to 3 liters.

4. Children between 10 to 15 years – 3 liters to 4 liters.

5. Between 15 to 20 years – 4 to 5 liters.

If children drink like this they can eat and digest well and grow healthy. They will be free from ailments like cold, headache and fever. It can be said that water is a boon to children. The parents who take more water can ask their children also to do so. They will have good immunity, enjoy health always and lead an active life.

Don’t we suffer from cold if we take cold bath every day?

Answer: Cold bath has nothing to do with cold. Some people take cold bath in a river or lake as early as at 4-5 A.M. for a month or two as part of religious practice. If you ask them about cold they say that they never suffered from cold during this period. Rather they suffer from it in normal days. If you take hot water bath regularly and switch over to cold bath all of a sudden you suffer from cold till you get accustomed. Even if you suffer from cold, continue it till you get habituated. We have some mucus in the gaps in the face and head. In those who do not have physical exercise this problem is more. When such people take hot water bath mucus gets diluted to certain extent. If such people take cold bath suddenly the mucus becomes thick. It obstructs breathing. Nostrils try to throw it out. We call it cold. The reason for accumulation of mucus is lack of physical exercise, pollutants in water, deficiency in food and anomaly in thinking process and not because of cold bath.

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