Friday, March 07, 2008

Heard of Backward Running or Walking?

Backward walking is practiced since long time ago especially among elderly people as a part of daily exercise to be mentally and physically fit. This kind of practice is also called retro-exercise.

It's good for the hips, legs, and trunk. When you go backwards, your stomach will work out like your back and creates a nice reaction for your abdominals. Putting it in reverse for a while is a pretty good deal.

Doctors recommend us to walk or do jogging everyday as a part of exercise. But busy people will complain all the time saying its too time consuming activity and I don't have time for it. So, we just try for few days and leave the idea on the air. The good news for such people is that 100 steps backward walking is equivalent to 10,000 steps conventional walking, this is what is the statement explained by a physical exerciser Walking 10,000 steps will take half day of yours. Many have no such precious time to waste just for jogging or walking especially in the morning. It is also hard to continue everyday.

For backward walking, an important point to note is that not to bend your knee. It is recommended to try to keep your feet straight or in stretched position. Backward walking does not require long distance, which means you can do it anywhere (May it be your backyard or at the top of your office building during your tea breaks).

To avoid muscle soreness, start slowly: Start to walk backward a quarter mile for the first week and improve from there on. Elderly exercisers or anyone else with balance problems should not retro walk

Choose the right shoes. Avoid stiff-soled shoes that don't bend. "Walking shoes" have flexible soles and stiff heel counters to prevent side-to-side motion. But for normal terrain, any comfortable, cushioned, lightweight, low-heeled shoes will do.

Let's walk backward and get physically and mentally healthy.

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