Monday, March 31, 2008

Switzerland or Sweeter Land?

Why Should I be calling Switzerland as Sweeter Land? Didn't you read my previous post on my trip to Europe Region? Yes, the first week plan in my travel itinerary was to get to Switzerland and I made it with extra effort and extra spending from my packet, It was a similar kind of traveling arrangement experience to Pulau Besar. I almost gave up the hope of visiting Switzerland as I just missed the train ticket reservation even for the first class train from France to Switzerland. Still I searched for Train Passes on the internet and found an agent in Paris who provided me with first class train ticket on a different train but longer traveling hours. Along with it also took a Swiss Flexi Saver Pass for 3 days to board any train / bus / tram except mountain trains inside anywhere in Switzerland. It was very useful since it also came with the entry passes to 300 plus museum across the country though we visited only two or three museums.

I had the glimpses of snowing right at the beginning of entering Switzerland border till the end of the journey. I can’t express it by words with the nature mother’s best is shown out there on this land with snows and greenaries along with man made architecture. It was snowing everywhere at night and some times during the day, people were very nice and friendly, which is why I called it as Sweeter Land than Switzerland. It was very touching to see with the people living there provided assistance in all the aspects right from the begining of the trip, immigration help provided by first co-traveler named Fabienna who was on her way back to home from trip to India.

On our way back one senior citizen (she must have been 80+) explained us about Evian town and mountain around it as a wonderful scenic spot also made arrangements with another passenger to show is the scenery as she was getting off just one station before the scenic spot. Even the other passenger (Heidi is her name) was kind enough to share with us the chocolate she bought for the Easter celebration and told she is on her way back to her study school from home. She showed the spot and she also gave us the route to visit seashore at the Lausanne town as we had some extra time to kill before leaving to Paris.

During my stay there in Switzerland visited Places like Jungfrau Mountain (Top of Europe – 3200 Meter above Sea Level) and learned the fact that if you have heart problem you are not suppose to go up since, lack of oxygen and high pressure in air and had similar experience at Mount Titlis too. Also visited Mount Pilatus at 2000 Plus meter high.

Got to know about the Alpine Horn out there. Way back from Piltus to down hill with wooden Sledge is unforgettable memory in my life as without any experience I took ride on a difficult path and managed to arrive at the next cable car station an hour later. After that visited to Lucerne Town and Zurich as well, these two towns smells the history over Switzerland many years back by means of its rich architectural buildings and monuments as well museums. I must mention here about the Switzerland Train Timings, they are very acurate and punctual about departure and arrival timings. You can tell the time by the departure and arrival of trains without even looking at your watch if you know their timings. You can get complete timings of train timings here . I am sure I can’t write everything here will try to post one more detailed experience and also find the way to share some of the shots during the stay. For the time being will leave you with some of the photos I edited from my collections along with this post.

As promised the photos are available Here. Sorry that you need to have Orkut Login to see it.

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