Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Five Steps To Prevent Insomnia

I have heard from many of my known people that at times they tend to suffer many nights with without sleep. I read this article in Today News Paper (Free daily in Singapore) and here is it for you to know. Insomnia is the cause for this and the factors are irregular bedtimes or changes in one's lifestyle.

Remove underlying causes. The main approach to treat insomnia is to remove the underlying cause. Hence, assessment of insomnia needs to be thorough so that all possible causes both physical and psychological are uncovered. Medical treatments can vary depending on the condition. Some physical ailments can be treated with medication. Others may require surgery.

Relax. Try relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, muscle relaxation, meditation, listening to soothing music and stopping work-related activities two hours before bedtime.

Review the sleep habits and conditions that promote sleep. Have a regular sleeping and rising time, avoid naps during the day and keep your bedroom peaceful and comfortable. Manage your own expectations about sleep, as unreasonable expectations can lead to further worsening of sleep.

Reduce stimulants. Cut down on your intake of caffeine & chocolates and avoid cigarettes and alcohol. These items affect sleep quality.

Exercise. Regular daily exercise, preferably performed in the daytime or completed at least four hours before bedtime, can improve sleep quality. However, aerobic activity or strenuous exercises before bed time may make falling asleep difficult.

If problem persist, consultant a doctor.

You can read more about Insomnia here

This article explains well about how to rest better as we grow older since that is very common problem for aged people.

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