Friday, April 18, 2008

Dropped your Mobile Phone in Water?

I have put my Nokia phone inside washing machine and got washed along with cloths few years back. I ran to Nokia Service Centre, they told me that any contact with liquid doesn’t come under warranty and we cannot recover the life of your phone even we after tried in our service lab, so they gave it back.

I didn't really get to know about much technique on drying it out to make it work. A week later my friend mailed me saying similar incident happened with his O2 Phone and he managed to recover it by completely disassembling it and drying it out with Hair Dryer. He was lucky until today he has no problem. I tried but it didn’t work may be mine was dead long time back and cannot be revived.

The real technique involves with drying your wet phone and removing all the moisture quickly with right amount of heating. Remember after all the phone internal main board is made up of using IC Chips and other semiconductors devices like transistor and resisters, hence they are all sensitive to too much of heat. If you have studied Electronics subjects you will know this for sure.

Today I just received an email saying a bowl of rice also can do this job and I did a quick search to see if this is for real or hoax and seems like it was discussed in Yahoo Answers and one guy mentioned about the same few months back. Somebody Else also posted an extensive article on this topic of how to save a wet mobile phone and it seems it did solve the problem. The Conetent of the mail I received is available here.

With all this I am sure if your iPod or phone happens to accidentally goes under I am sure you have the solution handy now.

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