Monday, April 14, 2008

Rama Navami

Sri Ramavathar is one of the greatest Avathaar (incarnation) taken by Sriman Narayanan. This Rama Avathaar explains lots and lots of guidelines that need to be followed by each and every person in this world. During this Avathaar, Sriman Narayanan incarnates as the son for great king, Dasarathan. But in spite of being born to a great king, throughout this Avathaar, he led his life as an ordinary person. And, during this Avathaar, irrespective of the caste/creed, he helped all the persons who seeked his help and extended his divine hands to all of his devotees.

Navami and Sri Rama:
Generally, we will not perform (or) start any new issues (or) work during Ashtami (the day Sri Krishnar is born) nor in Navami. And during this Navami thithi only, Sri Rama was born.

There is a small and beautiful story behind this. Each and every thithi has karthaas (Head or Chief). Once, these two thithis - Ashtami and Navami went towards Thriuppaarkadal and questioned that these two thithis are not being accepted by any of the person in the Bhoolokam and thinks that these two were not used for any of the new business not new things being started during these days. But, on hearing this, Sriman Narayanan answered them that to explain the greatness of these thithis, he will be born in the earth, during these thithis. And as a result of this only, Sri Rama was born in Navami and Sri Krishna in Ashtami and the entire world is celebrating these two days as a great festival.

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