Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Global Warming - Play your part

I always wanted to write something about this issue. This morning when I read an article titled 'Malaysian hill resorts turning into hot spots', I decided to certainly write something about it. As you know that I have posted a short note about my trip to Cameron Highland during Chinese New Year Holidays. I also mentioned that in that trip I got the feel of being very close to the nature. Chances like that seem to be fading away with the increasing forest devastation for building resorts and to do farming. People living up in the hill mentioned that during the olden days they can't come out of House without wearing a thick sweater, nowadays just a thin shirt even without sleeves will do. Environmentalists mentioned that the highest temperature measured in Cameron Highland was only 24.6 deg Celsius in 1984. Apparently due to the above mentioned factors it was measured 27.9 deg Celsius in 1998. This way it will go up till many degrees higher unless and until something is done.

Unusual flooding and cyclones were caused day-by-day in many parts of the world is an alarming indications to do something about the Global Warming. In recent the years it Global temperature measures have been showing unexpected increase. Check out the Global Temperature chart in the past years. Models referenced by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predict that global temperatures are likely to increase by 1.1° to 6.4 °C (2.0° to 11.5 °F) between 1990 and 2100.

I have noticed that Virgin chief Richard Branson as an individual has been actively playing big part for years in terms of doing something for controlling the climate change. Recently some of you might have come across the article Fix climate change, win US$25 million. It is an encouraging fact that some of the private organizations are doing their part to do something about the Global Warming.

In fact we ourselves can play a part by implementing some of the innovative ideas suggested by a Student on the topic Top 50 Ideas. I'm sure at least by implementing some of this points we can definitely make lots of differences. My humble request to all my friends those who read this article is to make a commitment ourselves in future to do little things mentioned as above to bring in change from polluted environment to green environment. Those of you who has any better ideas please leave it here...

I happened to listen to a conversation with NASA's top Climate scientist James E. Hansen, in which he raised his concern about the increasing threat of global warming. Please click here to listen to it.

This really attracted me a lot, which explains the basics about Global Warming


priya said...

He did win the oscar for documentary thou'.

Saravanan said...

Yes, But the documentary shouldn't just be a theory documented. As mentioned earlier we should try to implement maxium possible in our life too.