Thursday, February 15, 2007

Puzzle - 39

There is a famous jungle island seprated from main land of a tourism country. It lies in the middle of a lake, there is no bridge connecting the mainland with the island. Still, people reach the island by boats and gets touring around the jungle by A Safari Jeep. The Safari Jeep was neither built there nor was not transported to the island via air or boat. How did they bring the Safari Jeep in there?


Priya said...

There could be more than one possibility.

1. The island was formed later
after the jeep was already
there in the jungle.

2. The jeep was driven to the
island when there was no or
relatively less water in the

3. The jeep was driven to the
island when the water in the
lake froze.

Saravanan said...

So, Do I need to say anything more? Kalakiteenga Priya