Friday, February 16, 2007

Pills to reduce The Weight or Life?

I was listening to an FM Channel from Malaysia this morning. In the news section they have told that a lady in Alor Star at the age of 32 passed away after she was hospitalized with the reason of Kidney problem. Later it was found out that she was taking some weight reducing pills that was banned by Malaysian Government for the past few months and it affected her this way by even taking her life. I feel sad for her as her ignorance was one of the reason to take her own life away in this manner.

In this modern world, everybody is thinking that reducing weight is not a problem at all. Just take some weight reducing pills and can see the results in few months. I would say the society is really spoiled by such pills. We all have to think that how dangerous this kind of side of effects could be?

There are so many natural ways to reduce your weight, follow strict diet (doesn't mean that you should go fasting). Choose the right food combination, do bit of exercise at least an alternative day. You could do Asanas everyday early in the morning. During weekends try to go for some sports activity, even dancing is a good exercise for that matter & Avoid munching snacks all the times. These are the natural ways to get rid off our increasing fat content in the body. Just because pills gives great comfort of not having to do all these it attracts us, at the same time please don't the fact that there is always some side effects.

Right from the beginning I had no belief in this kind of pills method to reduce. As I mentioned it’s in your hand to either just follow the natural way or take pills and may be you reduce your life instead of the weight. Worst come worst at least check with your doctor before you take any such pills.

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