Friday, February 23, 2007

Trip to Cameron Highland

Alamak, I again escaped for few days during the Chinese New Year Holidays without updating my blog. Sorry about that. As mentioned in the Title, I visited a chilling place in Malaysia called Cameron Highland. When we went in for a Jungle walk, it made me feel like I am being very close to the nature. It was more thrilling to walk thru some of the challenging slippery trekking path to reach the desired destinations. First I had no plans to go there as when I called initially all the Hotels were full. Later on Saturday I made up my mind to just get there first and check the rest and it worked out. Everything went on smooth especially our worry about getting transport and accommodation.

There are many vegetable forms located in various parts of the Highland. They cultivate many fresh vegetables like Cabbage, Radish, Lettuce, Green Leaves, Corn and some fruits like Strawberry and Cameron Apple (tastes more like small size Honeydew mixed with apple). We could understand how they grow all these when we went into those farms. There are some other plants also grown in the jungle the popular one is Pitcher Plant and Rafflesasia (biggest flower in the Asia region). They also have the popular tea estates mainly two big companies Boh & Barath Tea Estates.

We have also visited a Cactus Valley. As a tourism attraction they have varieties of Cactus available for sale as well.

This us a must watch place for every single person who would like to enjoy the beauty of nature mother. I was just thinking students those are studying agriculture or botany as their main subject may be can go to this place to get the real feel of cultivation.

Ok, time to back to blogging again. I will try my level best again to keep you occupied with my usual puzzles, stories and many more interesting topics.

I found through my statsistics that somebody is looking forward to get the details about the places of interest. Here are the few interesting places to go around in Cameron Highland...
  1. Robinson Waterfalls

  2. Strawberry & Vegetable Farms

  3. Mozzy Forest

  4. Boh Tea Estate

  5. Cameron Valley

  6. Orang Asli Kampong

And Here is the Route Map for those who are interested to go for Hiking, based on my experience. There are some dangerous slippery paths, which might make you fall into the deep canyon. So, please be careful when you take any of these jungle routes and walk as group.

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