Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Economic Benefits due to early Exit of Indian Cricket Team

Advertisers and sponsors are a worried lot over the early exit of India from the World Cup. However, there is some positive news on the economy front on account of Team India`s early exit. Here`s how our cricketers have helped the Indian economy.

Statistics show that there are about 80 million cable and satellite viewing homes in our country. The average viewership of all the World Cup matches currently stands at about 3 per cent, with the India-Bangladesh encounter touching a 7.25 per cent. India would have played a minimum of seven matches to reach the finals. At least 5.8 million people would have watched the matches, resulting in a productivity loss of 371.2 million man hours (5.8 million x 8 hours x 8 matches). In addition, there are other stress-resulted issues such as preparing for examinations for the students in due to take their public exams coming in April.

Nearly 3% of 80 million TV viewers (2.4 million) are ardent cricket fans and they would have watched (entire 8 hours) the remaining 28 matches. Team India`s exit has resulted in a productivity gain of 481 million man hours of work.

Are there any other benefits? Yes. Let’s take the earning figures of a skilled labourer in the Capital. He earns Rs 136 per day (Rs 17x 8 hours). If the man hours are put to productive use, then 481 million man hours can reap in Rs 817 crore of GDP. This amount is 401% more than the Rs 163-crore loss corporates are likely to lose on account of India’s exit.

State Electricity Boards also stand to gain. A television consumes 45 watts per hour. If a viewer does not watch the matches after 12 midnight, it will save 135 watts per viewer. This will enable the electricity boards to save 3.24 lakh kilowatts of electricity. If viewers completely switch off their televisions for eight hours, the State Electricity Boards can save at least 8.64 lakh kilowatts. Already, the State Electricity Boards are witnessing hefty losses. Truly, a loss from one side is being offset through other avenues.


Illakiya said...

let me ask u smth sara..this is not the first time i see a pic insultin our team. dont u feel that when u put such pic up, it gives way for others to insult our team.and as indians even if we are not happy with our team we shldnt insult our own team. havent u heard others critizing our team coz we do it too?? Doesnt it hurt?? I dont meant it be rude. But I really would like to know coz i dont like putting up this pictures or anything else that degrades our team more then we are already doing by our violent reaction. This not only degrades our team but also our country's image..Pls read this article.Thanks.. and Thank You.

Saravanan said...

Hi Illakiya,

I do understand your feelings and I completely agree with you. My apologize for that cartoon and have removed it. Last Friday night I was not closing my eyes even for a single min from 9:30pm (SGT) till morning 5:45am right from the match started and hoping for my home team to win the match. Hoping that the match could turn in favour of India at any moment even till the last batsman got out. At the end I was left only left with disappointment. I couldn't take it anymore at that time. Its like we have rights to scold our brothers when they make mistakes right. Anyway, past is past. Thanks for the good articles link. As it is stated, Mannippom - Marappom...

Illakiya said...

Thanks for understanding. Ya we can scold our brothers..but it is just that i feel that it has crossed the line, our reactions. And i am sorry for sounding a little too rude..:)

Saravanan said...

No Issues, Ya. Its a matter of highlighting what we feel. I respect your feelings too.