Thursday, March 15, 2007

How do u gauge HAPPINESS?

First of all my apologize again for a short break in my blogging due to my tight work schedule. Trying to continue back again with this beautiful story.

Once upon a time, there lived a kind hearted man. After he died, he ascend into the heavens and became an angel. After becoming an angel, he often comes down to earth and help those to attain happiness.

Once, he met a farmer who was sulking. He told the angel that his bull just died and he couldn't plough the fields. The angel gave the farmer a healthy bull. The farmer was very happy and the angel could feel his happiness.

Another time, he met a young man who was despondent. He told the angel that he was robbed of his money and couldn't travel to his hometown. The angel gave him some money. The young man was very happy and the angel could feel his happiness.

This time, the angel met a poet. He was young, handsome and full of talent. He was also rich. His wife was pretty and gentle. But he declared he wasn't happy.

The angel asked, "You aren't happy. How can I help you?"
The poet replied, "I have everything. But I lack only one thing. Can you give it to me?"
To which the angel happily said, "Sure. I can give you anything you desired."
The poet stared right into the angel's eyes, "I want happiness."

"All right," the angel nodded. And the angel proceed to take away everything the poet possessed.

The angel took away the poet's talent, destroyed his looks, robbed his riches and killed his wife. The angel then left for heaven.

A month later, the angel appeared in front of the poet. The poet was lying on the ground, half dead, hungry and struggling for survival.

The angel then returned him everything he once possessed and left for heaven again.

Two weeks later, the angel paid a visit to the poet. This time, the poet, together with his wife, thanked the angel profusely. He finally found happiness.

~~Often, a person need to lose everything before he know how to cherish.
Actually, happiness is right in front of you.

Just what is happiness?
When you are hungry, a bowl of hot noodle in front of you is happiness.
When you are tired, a soft bed is happiness.
When you are crying, a gentle tissue is happiness.

Actually, happiness has no definition. Sometimes, small actions can touch your heart. Happiness or not, depends on how you look at it.

Last night I was watching the video talk given by my Spiritual Master, He mentioned about an interesting fact that he learned from his Master 'One who is happy under all the circumstances is the Happiest person in the world'. How true? Let us all gear up to achieve that level of perfection.

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