Friday, March 09, 2007

Puzzle - 47

This is a simple mathematics calculation involved puzzle. Give a try.

Once I wanted to meet my friend who lives nearby my town; Halfway between our town there is a famous Coffee Shop and our appointment is fixed there. Both of us were riding at the speed of 6 KMPH. Distance between our Houses is 36 KM. My friend had a pet carrier pigeon and it starts flying the instant we both start our travelling. The pigeon flies back and forth at the speed of 18KMPH between us until we met in the Coffee Shop. Assume that the pigeon can go from 0 to 18 kmph instantaneously, plus also turn around instantaneously without resting.
How many miles does the pigeon travel?


Anonymous said...

54km.... -malar-

Priya said...

The coffee shop is 18 kms from any of the towns. So it takes 3 hours for you / your friend to reach the coffee shop. (18 / 6)

Assuming that the pigeon flies in the direction of the coffee shop the pigeon would have travelled a distance of 54 KMs in 3 hours. (18 * 3)

I am not sure if you want me to convert this into miles. If yes then it is roughly 33.5 miles.


Saravanan said...

Kanakku Pulinga neenga :) Good blow Malar & Priya. Priday had posted with a detailed calculation of the figure. So, I don't have to post the answer.