Saturday, March 31, 2007

Puzzle - 50

Assume that you were living in US and you are Mexican. One fine day you realised that all your identities have been erased and you are now considered as illegal immigrant. You have reached the US - Mexico Border, which is of half mile long covered by barbed wire and takes 12 mins to cross by walk.

You need to cross back the border to go to your home town in Mexico. In the US Border Security check booth, every 5 mins cops come out from booth and checks if anybody is crossing the border line. If you are caught while trying to escape from US to Mexico you will be sent to Jail. If you are caught while you are entering from Mexico into US without valid travel documents you will be sent back home. What attempt will you make to escape from US Security Point into reach Mexico?

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Illakiya said...

haha i saw this ad once and maybe it cld be the ans for this qn...when u try to attempt to cross from mexico to US..they will send him back home rite so when u reach the border..u turn and start walking as if u are walkin into US from mexico when the cops come to check..den they will think he tryin to enter US so they will sent him back it the ans?