Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Caution!!!! Be Aware...

Guess Who is this?

No Doubt Hollywood Actor Arnold...

How about these Poeple??

Simple Guess, They all are doctors

Then this group of People???

From their actions we can say they all are Farmers.

and now here is the best part, what about these group of people?

Professionals those who do nothing to care about their Health.

Yes, the truth is revealed here. Many of us especially those who work in IT industry nowadays seems to be living a life with High Cholesterol Food Intakes(Like Pizzas, Burger, Chicken Gravy) and do only little bit of exercise or zero exercise. In fact I read true stories about many such cases. I got the point even from the English movie CLICK, what will happen if we keep on eating and do nothing to take care of our health. Please spend little bit of time in doing exercise like walking/dancing/jogging/Claiming Stairs for that matter. At least I have taken up Running as my daily exercise scheduled for 20-45 mins. This will surely keep us away from all sorts of health problem.

You got any objection to this? Please feel free to discuss it here...

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