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Valai Kappu

I found out that many NRIs are visiting my site looking for information on VALAI KAPPU. I have managed to get some information for those who are in need of it. Here it goes....


The Term "VALAI KAPPU" split into "VALAI"+"KAPPU" which means and includes as "VALAI" means NET or Womb & KAPPU means protection. The real term of VALAI KAPPU is as said above keeping the baby in the womb with divine vibration. If you go through the HISTORY (not story ) of Mahabarath (Because it happened one) you may find "ABHIMANYU" 's learning in the womb. You may come across the birth of KARNA(Nothing but cloning).
The reason why i took from mahabarath is to tell you that the baby in the womb should be kept with divine thoughts. because it knows where is it and what it will do after birth. once born the memories will get cut off to plough in the life land.
So the rites under sanskrit chanted by purohit is also needed. i read the other fellow well wishers told about the rituals to be done. but they have insisted about the relatives/friends presence and talked about valayal(Bangle celebrations). our 18 sidha purashars (pathi nenmar (eighteen rishis)) numbers, they have written many poems to uplift the spritual authorities.
So Valai means bangales if you take second la. if you take first la (Tamil letter) it means net or womb. So we are taking care of the baby at womb till ten months to give birth of a child.
Normally we after birth try to educate (in this competative world) only academically and settle his/her life with suffiecent monetory earning job or business for his/her survival and for us also. Meanwile we teach some slogas to chant for few seconds infront of man drawn photos as god and let him/her off. Do you think birth of a baby only to mean that?
I request you to keep your mind vibrating (chanting any of Gayathri/Namashivaya/OOM namonarayana) minimum 1000 times everyday till delivery.
Please try to help poor pregnet ladies (most of indian poor pregnat ladies are malnutitrions only) by providing them some tonics/medicines through your known people. it is strain in this world to find out but do it to better spritual life of you and your family. Please try to take care of poor pregnat lady's delivery expenses. Please try to distribute sarees on the day of valai kappu to poors especially in fron of some ancients temples like Thanjavoore,Chennai Kapali. Because our Nayanmars visited those places and chanted there. Even after some thousands of years the vibrations of Nayanmars are there to dilute our sins.
if not possible now you pray by heart and when you have possiblilty to visit temple you try to do the above said dhanams. Still that you knot in new white cloth wetted in Turmaric water one ruppee coin and drop in hundi when you vist to temple to have easy delivery.
Thayumanavar, Karbarakshambika are more appropriate God/Godess to think and pray to get delivery without any trouble.
I pray my lord Agasthiswara to help you to get divine baby.
Adhrya Subramaniyan


This ceremony is performed during the odd months of pregnancy mostly during the seventh month for the expectant mother in her mother's house.
Prayers are invoked for the well-being of the mother-to-be and the foetus. Mostly women are invited for this function and priests are not involved.
The expectant mother is made to wear a lot of bangles mostly glass ones of red and green colors and the sound of these bangles are supposed to reach the womb. The bangles are removed only during delivery and given to the midwife at the birth of a child.
Arti is performed. The mother of the girl presents her silk saris and gold and silver bangles. The invitees give gifts for the mother-to-be and they are given a feast.
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Seemantham is performed during the period between the fifth and the eighth months of pregnancy. The specific materials used during this Samskara, that are for the lady only, are, the quill of a porcupine, an ear of ripe paddy and some Udumbara leaves. Manthrams are intended to purify the foetus and to request Brahma, Agni, Raga (Rika), Vishnu, Soman and Ganga to protect it, to make the delivery smooth and to make the son intelligent. The main deity invoked is Raga or Rika, the presiding deity of the full-moon. The implications of the manthrams are: that the pregnancy should be fruitful; the child should be endowed with sharp and penetrating intellect (like the sharp quill of the porcupine). The child should be beautiful like the full-moon. The gist of the main mantra is: "I beseech the goddess Raga(Rika). May she make this ceremony blameless. May my son be endowed with sharp intellect." In some regions music is added. Also sometimes the ladies are asked to sing: "Be a mother of heroic sons" thus creating a heroic atmosphere. The mother fasts and keeps silent after the ceremony till night time when the stars become visible. At the close of the ceremony she touches a male calf, symbolizing a son. At the time of pregnancy this is performed for the health and wealth of baby and also for normal delivery.

The unique aspects are parting of the hair, udagasanti, homam, valaigappu, and touching a male calf.
The most important part is the udagasAnti. After the sactification of the jalam, the expectant mother is asked to bath in this sanctified water to remove doshAs.
Perhaps the details are slightly different in Sri Vaishnava Yajur veda sampradayam, but the significane is essentially the same.

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This is great info. I wanted to know if the in-laws are supposed to bring varisai for the valaikappu.


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Tradionally Yes.