Monday, October 30, 2006

Change Changes Everything

How many of us knows and understood this fact truly in its own essence? Yes, Its a fact that is properly understood only by few. Everything is changed by the Change. What we see today is not may not be what we have yesterday. It is applicable to even our own day to day situations that we face. But are ready to accept such change? Its again another big question mark, because most of the time many of us don't like the change that happens surrounded by us.

I remember little bit about a small story in this context long time I heard in Radio during my childhood. This story goes like this, Once there was a King living a happy life in his Kingdom. He made an announcement saying he needs something that should be suitable at all the times. Then there was one intelligent old person came up with a Ring and presented to king and asked him to wear it. He also said it there is something inside this Ring and should be opened and seen only in a very difficult situation of life. After a while the nearby king came with a big war plan and conquered this King's Kingdom. This King had to run for his life and he was totally down with the situation. Then the King suddenly thought about the ring and what the old person said. He was pushed to the situation of life or death in his life, so he decided to open that ring and find out what was inside for him. There was nothing but a small statement reads “This Will Change”. Suddenly it gave a real boost to the king as he was ready to face any kind of challenge and he survived. Again formed his own army and captured his kingdom back. There was a big reception held on that day evening, the King was welcomed back with Red Carpet and was rounding the city in a Cart and getting greetings from his people. Suddenly there was a sunlight passed on the stones in the ring that he was wearing and reflected back on his eves. He then remembered about the statement inside “This Will Change”. He then realized that the fact of life is nothing lasts for ever in this world.

In my personal opinion, Everything is subject to change. Only thing that doesn’t change is Eternity. We have to change ourselves in order to adopt ourselves to the changes that happens in our day to day life. Then life is surely going to be easy. I realized this fact even in one of my very personal experience too. All I can tell is Do your duty and wait for Change to happen.

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