Thursday, October 12, 2006

Old Madras Memories

Here are the Golden Memories of so called Madras (now renamed as Chennai). I am not sure even our Father came into earth during this period. Just Cool Pictures. Enjoy Viewing...

Maourbray's Road - 1885

First Line Beach - 1915

Esplanade - 1910

Central Railway Station - 1925

Marina Beach - 1890

Mount Road - 1905

Mylapore - 1906

Nepier Bridge - 1895

Parrys Corner - 1890

Pycrofts Road - 1890

Do you find any similarities to the current Chennai with those old Madras Places? Waiting to see your comments.


luthfi said...

old is gold. do you have more photos?

Saravanan said...

Yes It is Luthfi. Sorry this much is what I have got...