Saturday, January 06, 2007

10 Golden Principles to Preserve One's Love

Principle 1: We will not simultaneously get angry. Be cool as water whenever another one being fire.

Principle 2: We will not shout into each others faces beside our house is accidentally on fire.

Principle 3: Nobody loves to be criticized. When talking of what you dislike or need his/ her improvement, use soft & sweet words.

Principle 4 We will not revive any bad old practices, but only our romaces.

Principle 5 Make him/ her know how much he/she means to you.

Principle 6 Promise me that we will not peevish over-night. Talk face to face not back-chat.

Principle 7 Tell him or her more about anything in your life to tie you up together.

Principle 8 Don't be shy to show him/her your apology When you have something mistaken

Principle 9 Don't misunderstand that being together always is to show your heedfulness.

Principle 10 Lastly, realize him/ her that your love still exists and will be eternally last.

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