Thursday, January 25, 2007

Puzzles - 34

If You are carrying a sack of grain and your friend is carrying two sacks along with you, Who is carrying more load and why?


Illakiya said...

it is me coz i am carrying a sack of grain while he is only carrying 2 sacks..

where do u get these puzzles from??its interesting..

Saravanan said...

Hi Vytautas, Apologize to you, As I have accidently rejected out your comment when I was clearing the Spam Comments. Here is what you have mentioned:

"it depends on what my friend is carrying in those sacks, that's my guess :) Namaste"

You are almost there that is where the answer lies, Good Guess. Illa once again got it just right, If my friend is carrying just the two empty sacks then definitely I am the one who carries more weight.

Illa, Some of th puzzles I get from my friends and some of it during my Interview it was asked by the interviewer and some I found on Net. This is how I get all these collections :) Hope you are enjoying it

Vytautas said...

Yes, the puzzles are quite simple but this is what makes them interesting and catchy :)

Anonymous said...

it is my friend since he is carrying 2 sacs & me as well