Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Puzzle - 36

I visited a science exhibition and found a stall that bets over guessing of our weight. When approached that stall owner and asked he said "If I write your correct weight you have to give me 10 bucks, I can't then I will give you 10 bucks". i thought since there is no weighing machine around I will add bit of weight with whatever he guesses and took the bet. Still I ended up loosing in the Bet and paid him 10 bucks. How is it possible?

Answer: He wrote on the paper 'your correct weight' as this is what he promised that he will write


Vytautas said...

I don't have even a clue on this one :)

Saravanan said...

Since nobody has answered I shall post the answer. The answer is he wrote on the paper saying 'your correct weight', which is what the promise made by the stall owner.