Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Puzzle - 29

John, Vinay, and Michael, were playing together at Richard's house. There was a parcel delivered in a gift box where outside is plan and cannot see anything inside. Each of them guessed about the content in the box, But only one kid guessed it right. Can you figure out what was in the box and who got it right based on the guesses mentioned below?

John said, "It looks like a laptop"
Vinay said, "I'm pretty sure that it's a jewellery box."
Michael said, "I think either a book or a laptop is in the box."
"Definitely It's a book," said Richard.

Right away, you can tell that Micheal can't be right, because if He is, then Richard would also be right (they both said book), and no more than one can be right. And since Micheal is wrong, then John is wrong, too, because they both said laptop. That means that Vinay is correct, it's a Jewellery box.


Kedar Nath Nyaupane said...


Saravanan said...

Good try. But, Can you please explain, Why is it Richard?

The Girl said...

Practically speaking,

Laptops do not come in boxes. They come in sling bags.

Jewellery boxes, when they arrive, are empty.

So i guess Richard is right.

Saravanan said...

You are right about practical stuffs, But this is a Logical question. The key point to note is only one is correct...So, any more guesss

Illakiya said...


Priya said...

It should be Richard. The kids are playing in Richard's house and the parcel is delivered to his house.

He can be the best one to judge what is inside the parcel as he might have ordered for the same or know if someone else has ordered from his house.

Assumption: It is not a gift !

Saravanan said...

Another nice attempt by Priya. but the hint is that only one person guessed it right. Ilakiya got it right, but no reason is given. check out the answer.