Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Life is a Train

All of us know that Life is a Journey, but here its compared with the train Bogies...
Having many bogies with different feelings
We human are travelers,
Just to travel through each bogie
To touch the zenith of bliss
And get down at the stairway to heaven.
But the bogies are too long,
Having the same emotions-touching, compassionate but with animosity.

1st bogie comprises only of fear
Teaching us about the difficulties, which are rare.

2nd bogie is made of fury
Shows us how far one can deteriorate its life.

3rd bogie is of odium, (hatred)
Teaching us about different varieties of people

4th bogie is filled with protocol, (manners)
Showing us our way to achieve earnings

5th bogie consists of smiles,
Just to give us a sense of love.

6th bogie with love,
Parting values of rapport.

7th bogie with happiness and sadness,
Just to make our journey complete!

At times you need to travel all through these Bogies. To travel thru these bogies is not easy, but obviously end upshot is always good filled with joy and satisfaction!


Deepa said...

Nice one..Very timely reminder

Hell's Angel said...

well put about the journey of life!!

Saravanan said...

Thank you Deepa & Angel for your comments. Itz the fact of Life :)