Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Innocent or Guilty

Once upon a time there was a very mean king who ruled his kingdom with an iron fist. One day he received some very distressing news a commoner was in love with his daughter, the princess. The next day he received even more distressing news--the princess was also in love with the commoner. The king wanted to put a stop to this. He knew that the only way he could permanently end this relationship was to execute the commoner. So he charged the commoner with a crime that he did not commit. The commoner pled innocent. As was the custom in this kingdom, fate would determine guilt or innocence.

The next day the king and the commoner were in the town's square as hundreds of people looked on. The king held out two envelopes. Inside one was a card that read "innocent." Inside the other was a card with the word "guilty." The commoner had to choose one. He was a very wise young man and he knew that the king wanted to execute him no matter what. So he knew that the king had the word "guilty" written on both cards.

Nonetheless, he hatched a plan. He carefully chose one of the envelopes and slowly opened it. Reading the card's message he suddenly started jumping up and down with joy while shouting "I'm innocent! I'm innocent! I'm innocent!" As he was jumping up and down, he ripped the card into very small pieces and swallowed it. One of the king's magistrates exclaimed, "How do we know you are innocent? You
swallowed the card." The commoner replied "Oh, that's easy just read what's on the king's card."

Moral: No matter what the problem, There's always a solution.

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