Monday, November 06, 2006

Telephone conversation of Knott and Watt

Telephone conversation of William Knott and Mr. Watt.
Knott: Who's calling?
Watt : Watt.
Knott: What is your name, please?
Watt : Watt's my name.
Knott: That's what I asked you. What's your name?
Watt : That's what I told you. Watt's my name.
A long pause, and then from Watt, Is this James Brown?
Knott: No, this is Knott.
Watt : Please tell me your name.
Knott: Will Knott.
Watt : Why not?
Knott: Huh? What do you mean why not?
Watt : Yeah! Why won't you tell me your name?
Knott: But I told you my name!
Watt : Didn't you say you will not?
Knott: Not not, knott, Will Knott!
Watt : That's what I mean.
Knott: So you know my name.
Watt : Of course not!
Knott: Good. So now, what is yours?
Watt : Watt. Yours?
Knott: Your name!
Watt : Watt's my name.
Knott: How the hell do I know? I am asking you!
Watt : Look I have been very patient and I have told you my name and you have not even told me yours yet.
Knott: You have been patient, what about me?
Watt : I have told you my name so many times and it is u who have not told me yours yet.
Knott: No it is u who haven't told your name!
Watt : Of course not!
Knott: See, you even know my name!
Watt : Of course not!
Knott: Then why do you keep saying of course Knott?
Watt : Because I don't.
Knott: What is your name?
Watt : See, you know my name!
Knott: Of course not!
Watt : Then why do you keep asking Watt is your name?
Knott: To find out your name!
Watt : But you already know it!
Knott: What?
Watt : See, and you know mine!
Knott: Of course not!


Knott: Listen, listen, wait; if I asked you what your name is, what will be your answer?
Watt : Watt's my name.
Knott: No, no, give me only one word.
Watt : Watt
Knott: Your name!
Watt : Right!
[Pause before it hits him]
Knott: Oh, Wright!
Watt : Yeah!
Knott: So why didn't you say it before?
Watt : I told you so many times!
Knott: You never said Wright before
Watt : Of course I did.
Knott: Ok I won't argue any more. Do you know my name?
Watt : I do not.
Knott: Well, there you go, now we know each other's name.
Watt : I do not!
Knott: Good!
[Pause before it hits him]
Watt : Oh, Guud!
Knott: Good.
Watt : No wonder, it too k me so long, is that Dutch?
Knott: No, it's Knott!
Watt : Oh, okay. At least the names are clear now Guud.
Knott: Yes Wright.


Looney Mom said...

That's hilarious Sara. I'm gonna have to read it again. I added you to my buddy list!

Unknown said...

Hey great post.. By the way all your posts are good. In fact your blog is awesome.. Why did you stop blogging?? Did u start a new thread??

Saravanan said...

Thanks for the complement but I am not writing these days. But I will try to if I can :-)