Friday, December 08, 2006

Contact Lens @ BBQ

Pls pass this to all your friends To those who wear contact lenses, pls remove them when you have or attend a BBQ party or whatsoever that got to do with flames...I read a horrible true story about contact lenses...It happened to a 21 year old guy at Malacca, he wore a pair of contact lenses during a barbecue party.

While, he was barbecuing, he stared at the fire charcoals. After a few seconds, he started to scream for help and moved rapidly, jumping up and down. No one in the party knew why.When he arrived at the Hospital, the doctor said he'll be blind permanently courtesy of the contact lenses that he worn. Contact lenses are made by plastics, and the heat from the charcoal melted his contact lenses.

So, please tell all your friends. Also please be careful about wearing the Contact lenses the other day I saw a passenger in on his way came into the MRT Station Gents and washed his lense in the toilet wash basin and wore it. Please use the liquid provided for cleaning your lense and stay protected. I would say Try not avoid wearing contact lenses if possible as it causes lots of irritation to some eyes. Go probably for a healthy Lasik (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) Eye Surgery and give a permenant solution to your vision troubles.

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