Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Negative ions reduces depression

Have you heard about Negative Ion generators relieve depression as much as antidepressants? Yes, The other day i saw one of my friend wearing a rubber band kind of bracelet in his hand and asked him why do you wear that like ladies wearing bangle. He replied me saying that is to charge out negative ions in our body and it create positive vibes and relieves depression in that process. Seems like this is a scientifically proven method. If you have not heard about ions, positive and negative ions you may learn about them from the below given link 1.

There are many ways to procduce negative ions, ionizer (Generates negative ion) is one of the way, nowadays there are quite a lot of brands are available in the market as airpurifier with ionizer. Also you can get the Negative Ion wrist band or Bracelet that is made of silicone rubber, non-toxic material. You can even can get some Negative Ion Jade Mattress.

To read more about Ions and its effects please follow these links.

Link 1
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