Monday, December 11, 2006

Puzzle - 19

Once there was a party hosted by Martin and room was filled with many guests and suddenly there was a power failure. Then sooner they rectfied the power supply problem and party hall was illuminated back with lights. By then they found that Martin was murded and lying dead in the hall.

Police were called to the scene and Mr. X appeared at the spot as detective agent. He enquired the people who were attending the party and shortlisted few suspects.

The names in the list were
- Anthony Arnold
- Chong Cheah
- Edward Einsteen
- Paul Patrick
- Robbert Richard

Mr. X investigated further down and with more evidents and ended as mystery!. Finally arrested the killer correctly.

Assume you are Mr. X and tell Who murdered Martin?

Remember Mr. X ended as mystery??? its not mystery, it should be understood as Mr. E, so the only person in the list is Edward Einsteen. So, he arrested him

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