Thursday, December 07, 2006

Puzzle - 16

All right, Here is another Puzzle for you to check your Logical reasoning power

If Pradeepan, Kalpanapriya and Bipasha Pasu are eating Apple and
If Anitha, Bhanupriya and Sabir are eating Pear
What will Rajaparthipan eat?


Anonymous said...

This one is tough to crack :-( Any clues?

Saravanan said...

ok, I shall give a straight forward clue, this is something to with the names

anuradha agrawal said...

may be pine apple bcoz most of the alphabets of Pineapple are found in Rajaparthipan. Maybe .. tell me if its right?

Saravanan said...

Its a good try Anu, but that is not the answer...The clue is repeating letters in the names