Thursday, December 21, 2006

Puzzle - 26

Here is one more to crack your brain :-p

A person is suppose to transport A Dog, A Cat and Milk Can across the river using a boat.

While transporting, The boat can occupy only himself and any one from the rest. How did he transport all of them without making the Cat as prey to the Dog or the Cat drink the Milk Can?

I think some of you might have already come across this answer, If so please let the fresh thinkers answer this question


Priya said...

1. Take the cat and drop it in
the other end.
2. Come back, take the milk can,
drop it and get the cat back.
3. Drop the cat, take the dog
with you and drop the dog with
the milk can.
4. Come back and take the cat
with you.

Saravanan said...

Good shot priya. Congrates 2 u again, you got it right...Should I say You did again :)