Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Simple Exercise

Earlier in my school days we used to have two PE or PT periods in a week. PE/PT stands for Physical Education OR Physical Training. In the beginning of this period my Physical Education tutor will involve us with continuous stretching exercise for more than 45 mins then we all are allowed to go for playing our own games of interest like Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Kho-Kho or Kabadi.

I always used to wonder why is he killing me with such exercise rather than allowing as to play straight away. The only way to escape from this is not to bring the exercise suite and get punished by kneeling down. We are supposed to be kneeling down the whole period of this class. But the moment Physical Education Teacher goes away we will relax to sit down and talk stories, by the time see the teacher in our sight no matter how far, back to the position. Fun right?

Anyway Now that I have got the answer that It could be continued for life long to keep us fit at all age. This answer came to me as I see through my windows in the everyday morning there are groups of elderly people doing same exercise everyday morning. Actually simple exercises like raising your hands up and down, Twisting your body and bending down with your body can really keep our body bit flexible. There are some stretching exercise to keep us fit all the time. Here are some such exercise to keep your body in control, You can do it depends on the time available to you.

Simple Exercise

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