Friday, December 01, 2006

Self Worth

A boy applied for a job as a public bathroom attendant. He was told he would be given the job after he filled out the form, but the boy replied that he could not write. The interviewer then informed him that he did not qualify.

On the way home, the boy saw some apples that were underpriced and bought them. He sold them for double the price. As the years passed, he ended up becoming a millionaire who owned a chain of twenty fruit stores.

One day his bank manager asked him to sign some papers. "Sorry" he said. "I can't write. My wife looks after all that." "You're kidding!" said the banker "What would you have become if you could write?"

The millionaire thought for a moment and said: "a public bathroom attendant."

You just never know how things are going to turn out....

In life, nothing is predictable. Nothing is certain. The only thing that certain is death. One day, we have to go. We are not here forever.

Self Worth

So many times in life we feel unappreciated, rejected, unloved. And that makes us think less of ourselves. Well, change that way of thinking.

A sunrise is no less beautiful because the only person awake is blind.

A symphony is no less magnificent because the only "listener" is deaf.

And you are no less loveable because those around you are incapable of giving love.

"We are what we are and what we want to be. We have total control over ourselves. If we don't appreciate ourselves, who will??"

If we don't find ourselves lovable, who else will?"

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