Monday, December 18, 2006

Puzzle - 23

There was fruit whole sale packaging delivery company shipping fruits to various markets. Out of the items in a package there needs to be three boxes, one should have mango, another should have plums and one more should have mixure of both mango and plums. They are put inside three different boxes accordingly.

Just before packaging everything together in to one supervisor finds out that all the boxes have been labelled wrongly. Supersvisor opens one from the three boxes, and checks for the item inside. Immediately after that without opening rest of the boxes supervisor labels all the boxes correctly. Which box did the supervisor open and how did he/she know how to label all correct?


Priya said...

The clue is that all boxes are labeled incorrectly. Lets take the following case.

Box # Contains Label
----- -------- -----

1 Mangoes Plums
2 M's & P's Mangoes
3 Plums M's & P's

Lets say the supervisor opens the Box # 2 which actually contains Mangoes & Plums but labelled as Mangoes.

Supervisor removes the incorrect label and pastes the right label which is M's & P's.

Now there are 2 boxes one without a label and the other labelled Plums. The box labelled Plums is obviously not Plums and it has to be Mangoes. (Supervisor has this label now)

And the box without label is actually Plums.

Is this correct?

Saravanan said...

You got it perfectly right. The key point is all of them are labelled wrongly. Applauds to the repeated winner