Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Thought

A mother and a baby camel were lazing around, and suddenly the baby camel asked

Baby : Mother, mother, may I ask you some questions?
Mother : Sure! Why son, is there something bothering you?

Baby : Why do camels have those great big humps on their backs ?
Mother : Well son, we are desert animals, we need the humps to store water and we are known to survive without water.... We can go on long treks across the deserts without drinking for extended periods...

Baby : Okay, then why are our legs long and our feet rounded, wiith those huge three toed feet ?
Mother : Son, obviously they are meant for walking in the desert. They help you stay on top of the soft sand... You know with these legs I can move around the desert better than anyone does ! Said the mother proudly.

Baby : Okay, then why are our eyelashes long? Sometimes it bothers my sight.
Mother : My son, those long thick eyelashes are your protective cover. They help to protect your eyes from the desert sand and wind. Said mother camel with eyes gleaming with pride....

Baby : I see. So the hump is to store water when we are in the desert, the legs are for walking through the desert sand and these eye lashes protects my eyes from the desert winds.... But Mom......

Mother : (Getting a little impatient...) Tell me boy, something is still bothering you... ????

Baby : Then Mom... what the hell are we doing here in this goddamn Zzzoooooo ???

MORAL OF THE STORY : "Skills, knowledge, abilities and experiences are of value only if you are at the right place"

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